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HXS-1002 AIT 2.7inch car driving recorder
car DVR
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AIT car driving recorder
ITEP NO.HXS-1002 AIT 2.7inch car driving recorder
Additional Info:
Quiescent Current: 10uA
Operating Current: 30mA
Operating voltage: 4.2V
Charging current: 30mA-150mA (LED red light indicates)
Maximum output power: L 20mw R 20mw
Battery capacity: 330mAH 3.7V
Charging time: 3 hours
Continuous working time: 8 hours
Battery life: charge and discharge ≥ 300 times
The open accessible under effective distance ≥ 10M Bluetooth receiver
Effective distance:
Input voltage: DC 5V/200mA connected to the computer USB interface
Standby time: 30 hours
Output power class: Class 2